university studies program [ short promotional video ]

This was a piece that highlighted the University Studies Program at RIT. The story revolved around a specific student who studied mechanical engineering.

There was a scene in a shop lab where two of the actors were not wearing proper safety glasses. This was not realized until well after the shoot, and it was determined that it would be easier for me to add them in post as opposed to re-shoot the scene.

I object tracked each individual's head in Blender. No image prep was necessary, Blender's tracking engine continues to surprise me. Very fast, Very solid results.

 I found a cad model of pair of safety glasses online and brought them into Blender.

I grabbed an environment texture from Video Copilot's Element 3d plugin and blew it out with curves to create a nice reflective environment.


I modeled the rough shape of a head to act as a matte for the glasses.

A quick comp later...


This next shot involved having several ideas above our hero's head in the form of floating 3d blueprinty objects:

Camera solve in blender...

I worked with one of my 3d artists to model the ideas that would be floating in the air. I animated each to give it a little life.

I managed to sneak in a favorite....


To get the floating ideas to track with the actor, I did an object solve for his head.