innovation hall of fame [ short documentary style videos ]

Innovation Hall of Fame is a yearly event that honors specific individuals for their innovative contributions. Each documentary style piece started with a 10 second title animation, usually created in 3d. This animation was designed to represent each individual's work or character in some way.

Patricia Moore was an industrial designer, one of the innovators who was honored.

Her name folded up as graph paper, and wiped to a very clean and shiny material, mimicking her design style.

Each bit of text was manually split and animated to get the timing perfect.


This shot was rendered with Blender's Cycles render engine.

Lynn Fuller is a professor of Microelectronic Engineering. He taught students about the process of creating microchips.

The imagery we created was inspired by the microchip 'ovens' the Fuller used in his labs.

His name was modeled to mimic the circuitry that would exist in a microchip.

John Schott is a professor in the Center for Imaging Science. His research and labs focused on imaging devices attached to satellites.

One of my designers created the HUD style overlay in Illustrator. I took that into After Effects and comped it over a giant still of earth and an orbiting render of a satellite from NASA.