college of applied science & technology [ short promotional video ]

This piece offered a new set of challenges for me. The piece was highlighting an engineering student, and the goal was to use infographic elements to show the ideas that an innovative engineer might have while observing the real world. The biggest shot involved compositing a photo realistic car into a live action handheld shot.

The shot called for a wireframe of the car to wipe over it, and the decision was made to shoot a blank plate and create the car in 3d.

The car was purchased from a stock 3d vendor online and remeshed by another artist to work in the scene.

The director was very particular about every tiny detail of how the car looked. I ended up rendering dozens of passes to get the car to match his vision.

I used several object passes to isolate elements of the car in order to adjust each individually. This type of flexibility was a must.

To achieve the wireframe wiping over the car, I used the depth pass from c4d as a track matte.

Animating the exposure effect allowed me to have the depth pass reveal the wireframe from the back of the car to the front.